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Forwarding by sea

The finished products of ISD DUNAFERR Plc. are exported via Black sea and Adriatic ports as well as via ARA ports and iron ore and coal are imported via these ports.

Carriage by water is by far the most compound forwarding activity. Rarely the port of arrival is the final destination of the cargo. As a rule, the cargo is further forwarded to its final destination as per the client's request. As experts in carriage by rail and road we know all important companies in these systems and we can offer to our customers complete and best services.

Our expert qualified staff knows all the ins and outs of sea chartering. When deciding on the best port and the best place of transshipment, we always base our decision on the services provided / the transhipment charges applied there. Since we are aware of the different conditions in the different ports, we can also help our clients make a good decision on the actual terms of forwarding.



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