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Forwarding by river

Statistics show that carriage by water is the most efficient way of transportation (energy consumed as compared to quantity of cargo). Relatively small energy consumption is also important from the point of view of environment protection. Since the DMR Canal was completed, new markets have opened for Hungarian products. Today we can get to Antwerp, Rotterdam and Amsterdam at reasonable costs and from these ports we can now reach any destination.

60% of Hungary's international carriage by river is done by our company. Thanks to the balance between import and export shipments by water and to the favourable forwarding terms, ISD Portolan Ltd. can provide reliability and great efficiency in both directions.

In the past few years our system has been successfully adopted into the logistical system of ISD DUNAFERR Plc. This has led to a significant increase in the number of orders from external clients and, as a result, we now hope to be able to grant even more discounts to our partners in the future.



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