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Port services
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Port Services

Dunaújváros Port activities are loading/discharging, storing/warehousing goods carried by river, maintenance and repair of port equipment/ machinery/vessels and barges, providing port services.

In the past few years theres been a steady increase in the demand for Port services and we have continuously expanded the range of our services. In 2008 Dunaújváros Port realized a turnover of more than 1,280,000 tons and today it is a river port with one of the biggest turnovers on the Hungarian Danube section.

Main activities

  • Loading/discharging general cargo
  • Loading/discharging ore, coal and agricultural products
  • Weighing (electronic road weigh-bridge)
  • Warehousing, storage
  • Quality Control, Quality Assurance
  • Property protection (24 hr guarding, space monitoring system)


ISD PORTOLAN Kft.   Address: H-1139 Budapest, Frangepán utca 7.
Phone: +36 1 465 6150, Fax: +36 1 465 6199   Correspondence: H-1558 Budapest 139, Pf.:164.