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Forwarding by
Port services
IT Services


IT system

Informatics solutions developed at our company applied in the supply chain:

Supporting logistical processes

    SPEDINFO® - Forwarding
  • Domestic and international forwarding by road, rail and water (river and sea)
  • Management of offers, orders, contracts, dispositions, advice notices and invoices, completing consignment documents
  • Electronic data links with clients and carrier contractors: invoices, waybills, advice notices
  • Data exchange to ERP (SAP/R3) system
    PORTINFO® - Port Informatics System
  • Loading and discharging cargo shipped by water
  • Contract management, loading schedule, performance monitoring, document management
  • Spare-part warehouse stock handling
  • Maintenance schedule, registration of working hours
    GATEINFO® - Entry control system (at the order of ISD DUNAFERR Co. Ltd.)
  • Truck terminal operation (Customs yard)
  • Vehicle loading schedule (profile products)>
  • Vehicle traffic management (entry, weighing, document verification)>
  • Traffic of persons (registering visitors, entering visitors)
  • Monitoring "waybills not to be invoiced" with data exchange to SAP/R3
  • Registration of broad gauge wagons at transshipment facilties at Záhony and Cierna
  • Printing SMGS waybills


Operation at the company sites

    SAP/R3 company management system
  • Performing basic tasks
  • Operating financial, accounting, controlling and asset management module
  • Supporting preparing internal and external reports
    Operating the IT infractructure
  • Phone and PC network, servers, mail systems, workstations
  • Data protection and security solutions


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