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Bizz Award 2017 - (Bucharest, Romania, 3rd May 2017)

BIZZ 2017 awarded to ISD Portolan Ltd.

ISD Portolan Ltd. has been honoured with the prestigious international recognition 'BIZZ 2017'.

In appreciation of the company performing its services at a high level for many years, the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) awarded titles World Business Leader and Inspirational Company to ISD Portolan Ltd. in 2017.

The trophy and the certificates were handed over to Managing Director Capt. Vaso Janicic at the award winners' ceremony in Bucharest, where Capt. Janicic also received diplomas World Leader Businessperson and Recognition of Excellence in Business Management.

In an interview given at the handover ceremony, Capt. Janicic said: "It is great honour for ISD Portolan Ltd. to be awarded with these titles again. It really is hard work to arrange everything on time, to have a good team around and to make your team work. These recognitions give us the power to go ahead and to do more and better. I want to thank my team who do a very good job. This is also their benefit."

The recognitions help increase our capacity for business relationships, generate more businesses and revitalize our corporate image.

ISD Portolan Ltd. is proud to have been awarded the 2017 WORLDCOB recognitions and will be happy to use the benefits and privileges entailed with them in our business in the future.



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