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Enterprise of the Year - 2016 (Dunaújváros, Hungary, 11th Feb 2017)

ISD PORTOLAN Ltd, whose business is of great importance for the region, highly acknowledged.

The title is awarded by the Chamber to entrepeneurs and enterprises that with their excellent performance and activity contribute to the development of the local community and of the neighbourhood in the long run. The Trade Section of the Chamber has decided to award the title to ISD PORTOLAN Kft. this year. The primary task of ISD PORTOLAN Kft. (est. 1992) is to provide services, in the first place, for the Steelworks of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. in Dunaújváros. In the past twenty-five years, however, thanks to its high level professional services, the company has also grown into one of the most prestigious companies in the market of forwarding and logistics.

Enterprise of the Year - 2016 Duol - DH Online, 02.13.2017
Dunaújváros: The award "Enterprise of the Year" was handed over at the Entrepreneurs' Ball organized for the representatives of leading local businesses by the Dunaújváros Chamber of Commerce and Trade.




ISD PORTOLAN Kft.   Address: H-1139 Budapest, Frangepán utca 7.
Phone: +36 1 465 6150, Fax: +36 1 465 6199   Correspondence: H-1558 Budapest 139, Pf.:164.