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Corporate Social Responsibility (Houston, Texas, U.S.A. 13th May 2016)

International Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility WORLDCOB-CSR 2011.3 successfully renewed by ISD PORTOLAN Ltd.

ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. is proud to announce that the audit team of the World Confederation of Businesses, WORLDCOB, has repeatedly granted our company the Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility, WORLDCOB-CSR 2011.3 (Houston, Texas, 13th May, 2016).

Corporate Social Responsibility is getting part of more and more companies that regard themselves to be responsible business enterprises and wish to maintain their good image as a social player observing CSR guidelines in their everyday activities.

The WORLDCOB standard regulates three aspects of the companies seeking certification: labor relations, social relations, and environmental responsibility.

By completing the certification process and successfully complying with the requirements in the revalidation terms and conditions set by the standard, ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. has again confirmed its commitment to living up to a socially responsible corporate culture and taking an active role in the development of its community.

Acting in accordance with CSR guidelines helps us pay more attention to our employees (health and integrity, professional development) and our community (building a modern society, supporting local initiatives).

Another benefit is certainly bound to come from our business partners who, acknowledging the extension of the validity of the WORLDCOB certificate for one more year as another proof of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. meeting and observing CSR requirements in its business operations, will no doubt consider this to be another important milestone increasing the value of the company's brand and public image in the market.


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