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Membership in the Oxford Academic Union (Oxford, UK, July 2015)

Managing Director of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd., Vaso Janicic elected to be member of the Oxford Academic Union

In appreciation of the effective operation, dynamic growth and continuous development of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd., based on a thorough preliminary assessment of the company's activity, Managing Director Capt. Vaso Janicic has been elected to be a bonafide member of the Oxford Academic Union.

The Oxford Academic Union is the community of scientists, business leaders, inventors and innovators, with membership comprising of representatives from over 30 countries. It pursues the ideals of Excellence, Innovation and Accessibility and is committed to disseminating these core values through its worldwide community.

The Union places special emphasis, among others, on supporting sustainable development. In order to achieve its objective 'Let's keep the Earth green together', the OAU expects business enterprises to adhere to several principles in their activity such as
  - 'Think green, take care of the environment'
  - 'Recycle waste properly'
  - 'Support global initiatives to use renewable energy'

These principles are in line with those laid down in ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. Corporate Social Policy and observed by the company in its everyday operation, which was, no doubt, an important element in the OAU Board appointing the Managing Director of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. to be a member in this prestigious international organization.



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