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Europe Business Assembly 2014 (Oxford, United Kingdom, 12th October 2014)

ISD PORTOLAN Kft. awarded with a prize of highest international prestige

In acknowledgement of the performance of ISD Portolan Kft., Europe Business Assembly (EBA Oxford, UK), an organization of highest international reputation, awarded our company with the international prize 'BEST ENTERPRISE' and Capt. Vaso Janicic, Managing Director of ISD Portolan Kft. with the title of 'BEST MANAGER OF THE YEAR' in October 2014.

By the initiative of Europe Business Assembly (EBA Oxford, United Kingdom) from 12th to 15th October 2014 a major international event took place in South-East Britain - 'The Oxford Summit of Leaders: Science and Education'.

Recognized by the Europe Business Assembly as 'one of the best enterprises in the fields of logistic services rendering sector and of forwarding (export-import operations), Hungary', ISD Portolan Kft. has now been granted to use trade mark BEST ENTERPRISE (Great Britain and Northern Ireland Patent Office, Reg. # 2401351) for marketing purposes for a period of five years.

Europe Business Assembly, Oxford is an independent corporation for development and management of economic, social and humanitarian collaboration. As a non-governmental organization, it promotes transformation of state-of-the-art experience and economic practices, establishment of economic, educational, cultural, and scientific ties, creation of national business elites.

In the nomination process preliminary analysis of the candidates' activities was carried out by EBA special committees, then the candidates qualifying for the second stage were evaluated and selected in a careful and thorough procedure consisting of several 'filters' focusing on the candidate meeting different criteria such as:

 - leading position in the national industry,
 - dynamic growth in volume of production/services
   and profit in comparison to previous year,
 - providing competitive products/services,
 - applying innovative technological solutions,
 - level of qualification of the staff,
 - transparency of business relations,
 - social orientation of the business.

Key indicators of the successful candidates' performance were also analyzed in detail, among others, in the following fields: staff works experience, eco-friendliness, social focus, work transparency, level of safety, quality of services, modern management methods, implementation of up-to-date technologies.

Along with the trophy awarded to ISD Portolan Kft., the EBA Socrates Committee also decided to award Capt. Vaso Janicic, Managing Director of ISD Portolan Kft. with the title BEST MANAGER OF THE YEAR for 'his personal contribution to support the positive image of the national enterprises' and for 'his actions for investment attractiveness of the state at the international level'. When making their decision about awarding medal 'Manager of the year' to Capt. Janicic, the committee considered as another important factor 'the policy of maximum transparency of the implementation of effective management programs and the concept of social responsibility' of ISD Portolan Kft.

EBA awards BEST ENTERPRISE and BEST MANAGER OF THE YEAR are certainly another appraisal of the growth dynamics of ISD Portolan Kft., whose services meet the accepted international standards and modern environmental requirements, whose employees apply distinctive intellectual and technological innovations in their working process and whose high reputation on national and international levels has been built over twenty-two years of effective and reliable operation.


ISD PORTOLAN Kft.   Address: H-1139 Budapest, Frangepán utca 7.
Phone: +36 1 465 6150, Fax: +36 1 465 6199   Correspondence: H-1558 Budapest 139, Pf.:164.