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The Bizz Award 2014 (Venice, Italy, 26th April 2014)

Prestigious titles awarded to ISD Portolan Kft.

ISD Portolan Kft. was honoured with another prestigious international recognition in April 2014: the World Confederation of Businesses (WORLDCOB) awarded our company the titles for BIZZ award: International Business Excellence and Inspirational Company and our company was also selected to be a WORLDCOB Elite Member.

The trophy and the certificate were handed over to Capt. Vaso Janicic, Managing Director of ISD Portolan Kft. at the award winners' ceremony in Venice, Italy. At the event, in acknowledgement of his activity as a manager of vast experience and high esteem in the field of forwarding services for many years and a 'successful leader who works in an innovative, knowledgeable and systematic manner', Capt. Janicic also received the Diploma of World Leader Businessperson and the Recognition of Excellence in Business Management.

THE BIZZ is considered the most important business award in the world and is given out by WORLDCOB to the most outstanding companies and businesspeople in each country. This award was created in order to recognize business excellence.

The World Confederation of Businesses was founded in 2004. The initial vision of WORLDCOB's founders was to create an international business organization that would bring together and recognize those companies who were leaders in their fields, striving day in and day out to boost the growth of the economy in their countries and the world and making them models to be followed.

Each year, WORLDCOB organizes THE BIZZ business awards ceremony, which brings together the leading companies from different countries to celebrate this recognition and to offer a series of benefits to the winners, who become ELITE MEMBERS, taking part in activities that will help them foster new commercial relationships.

We are proud to have been selected by WORLDCOB to be winners of these titles and will be happy to use the benefits and privileges entailed with them in our business in the future.



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