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Source: Hungarian business daily 07.10.2010

Award to Portolan

Complex international and domestic logistical services

  As a recognition of its trajectory and business excellence, ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. has recently been awarded the Award for Business Excellence by Trade Leaders Club magazine (Madrid), says Managing Director Captain Vaso Janicic. Regarding its turnover, ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. is a major forwarding company in the region and one of the biggest clients of Rail Cargo Hungaria Ltd.

  After the change in the ownership in 2005, the turnover of the company increased dynamically: in 2008 it was more than 7.7 million tons, out of which the turnover of the Port was as high as 1.3 million tons. In addition, by rationalizing the contracts with its contractors and by changing its cost structure, the company improved its financial result as well. ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. too was severely hit by the global crisis which started in 2008: the annual turnover decreased, in line with the typical average market trends, by nearly 30 per cent. However, as a result of the company's market increase activities and of a strict cost management, a turnover of more than 5 million tons and a positive financial result were achieved in 2009.

ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. employs more than one hundred people. According to the company's philosophy, providing complex logistical services is not merely mediating the carriage of goods but rather harmonizing, supported by up-to-date IT solutions, a whole range of services incl. forwarding by road, rail, river and sea as well as warehousing and port services. In order to ensure a fast and reliable flow of information, the company has launched its own Railway Information System. Thanks to this round-the-clock service, which has been operated ever since the establishment of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. and which is still unparalleled in Hungary, the company can keep track of the actual position of the cargo not only in the Hungarian railway network but also, provided the technical and IT conditions in the particular countries make it possible, in foreign sections as well.

In order to provide more efficient services tailored to their customers's needs, says Mr Janicic, ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. now focuses primarily on the development of the infrastructure in the Port and on updating the company's IT background.



ISD PORTOLAN Kft.   Address: H-1139 Budapest, Frangepán utca 7.
Phone: +36 1 465 6150, Fax: +36 1 465 6199   Correspondence: H-1558 Budapest 139, Pf.:164.