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Mercedes presses lifted by cranes from vessel to trucks in ISD DUNAFERR Port

An international project has been completed in ISD DUNAFERR Port earlier this week. Presses for the Mercedes plant in Kecskemét were shipped on the Danube from Germany to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. Port in Dunaújváros, where they were transshipped onto trucks by special cranework and then dispatched to their final destination.

Vaso Janicic, Managing Director of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. says: In order to complete this special project, we had to reschedule our loading plan but apart from the work area closed for this project all the routine jobs in the Port were carried out as normal. With special focus on the Mercedes project, we carried on discharging base materials (ore and coal) from river units, transshiping them into railway wagons and dispatching the wagons to the plant.
I am sure the Mercedes project will be excellent reference for the services provided by ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. Our company name has long been of high esteem in the international forwarding market. We have a large number of international clients and we hope that, thanks to this project too, their number is going to increase in the future. Our business excellence has recently been recognized by several awards given to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. by different major professional organizations.

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