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Source: Dunaújvárosi hírlap 17.02.2017

In the same boat: a proven and reliable team

FORWARDING: by professional work, growing into a company of high international reputation

The title "Enterprise of the Year" has been awarded by the Commerce Department of the Dunaújváros Chamber of Commerce and Industry to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. this year.

As on the day of the handover ceremony Capt. Janicic was away on a business trip to the USA, the award was taken over by Director of port, Gyula Szabó. Capt. Janicic says he is very happy about this because Gyula Szabó has long been known to be committed to running the port, a facility of great importance in the past and present of Dunaújváros in a professional way. In addition, Gyula Szabó is the representative of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. in the local Chamber, where he also acts as the Chairman of the Ethical Committee.

The award is a recognition of the high performance of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. team as a whole. Needless to say, it is not awards that ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. staff are primarily working for; their basic goal has always been to provide services for their customers at the highest possible level - an approach highly appreciated by the business partners of the company. Maybe this performance in permanent good quality is the reason why the company receives more awards at the international level than at the regional one. In this sense, says Capt. Janicic, an expert travelling widely all over the world including (via shipments organized by ISD PORTOLAN Ltd.) several "virtual" trips as well, Hungary is also part of the region. ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. has been awarded several international professional and business awards in the past ten years. A comprehensive list of these international recognitions can be found on the company's website. Locally, of course, it is large-scale investments or new stages of development that attract, more than anything else, the attention of the decision-making boards. That is why, explains Capt. Janicic, he was very happy to learn about the decision of the Dunaújváros Chamber of Commerce and Industry to award the title to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. this year.

Portolan Ltd. was established twenty-five years ago, in 1992. During the privatization of the Ironworks the name of the company was changed to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. and the company became a 100% subsidiary of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. The company's main activity is providing logistical services for the company group:

The managing director sets high standards in performance but is always ready to stand up for the employees

supplying base materials for the ironworks and shipping manufactured finished products to the customers by road, rail, inland water and sea. In addition, as it has been said above, the company group's port on the Danube is also operated by ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. Ever since its establishment, the company has been seated in Budapest.

Photo: Capt. Janicic, who could not attend the award winning ceremony: "The fact that
this award was taken over by the director of port, is of great importance for us"
Photo by Géza Ady

Services are also provided for third-party clients. Thanks to the professional services provided in the past two and a half decades at a high level, not only has ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. grown into a major player in the domestic and international forwarding market but it also ranks high in the list of top logistical companies in Hungary. With an annual turnover of 6 million tons of cargo manipulated, the company made sales revenues in the amount of 5 billion HUF and a significant yield in profit before taxation last year. This huge volume of cargo can best be illustrated by the example of water transport (one of the methods of shipment): 60% of international shipment by river in Hungary is arranged by ISD PORTOLAN Ltd.

ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. offers steady and reliable workplaces and competitive wages for its qualified staff mastering several foreign languages, who are the best guarantee for the company providing its services at a high level on a continuous base. When Capt. Janicic became Managing Director of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd., in order to comply with the owners's (DUNAFERR) requirements aimed at increasing cost efficiency, he had to reorganize the company. It was more than ten years ago, when developments were not a priority area at all.

Then, step by step, his personal professional work has started infilitrating not only into the achievements and results of the company but also into the staff, whose members now work as a team in close cooperation with each other. In his capacity as company manager, Capt. Janicic basically decides on long-term strategy issues and agrees with the area managers about the actual steps to be taken. In order to ensure continuous high-level performance, on the one hand, he sets demanding expectations to the staff and, on the other hand, he thoroughly checks the employees' performance. In addition, each employee of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. knows very well that whatever problems they might have, they can always rely on Capt. Janicic.

The above statement can be confirmed by us, "outsiders" too; we have often witnessed that Capt. Janicic enjoys a high reputation among the employees of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd., in the management of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. and by his business partners alike. As a rule, he is referred to as "Captain" - not only in conversations carried on with him but also in his absence, which has a clear message even though it only refers to a certain period in his professional career. Anyway, he has not ceased to be a captain; this time he is the master of vessel "PORTOLAN". A prudent master with due care.

Regarding the future of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd., Capt. Janicic says: maintaining the high level of services provided by the company will certainly remain priority number one. In particular, he mentions the good ISO audit and audit renewal results year by year and the highly reputed awards granted to the company by two prestigious professional organizations not long ago. Quite recently, after a six-month-long thorough certification procedure, the Certification in Corporate Social Responsibility was also awarded by WORLDCOB (World Confederation of Businesses, USA) to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. It goes perhaps without saying that the company is a member in a number of prominent international professional organizations. Further developments have been planned, relating schedules have been worked out. Some of them will be realized, depending on the actual economic situation, in Dunaújváros port. Regardless of this, ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. can provide high-level services meeting its partners' requirements at this moment too, concludes Capt. Janicic.

Kálmán Kőhalmi


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