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Source: Dunaferr magazin 17.08.2016

Elements Of Roughing Stand Of Rolls Delivered

Special lifting in the port

A most spectacular lifting job was performed in ISD PORTOLAN Kft. public port in Dunaújváros on July 26, 2016: two pieces of the roughing stand of rolls (to be installed in the Hot Roll Mill) shipped on the Danube were lifted and transshipped by cranes from a barge on a special road transport vehicle and then transported on the plant territory of DUNAFERR.

No exaggeration, this really was a special job: never before had such a heavy piece been lifted on the bank in Dunaújváros. The two steel structures (200 t each, manufactured by Danielli, Italy) were loaded in the river unit in the port of Constanta, Romania. In Dunaújváros port special lifting was arranged, after thorough preperation, in cooperation by two mobile crane truck companies, Dunagép Zrt. and Ács-Gép Zrt. The two heavy pieces were secured by special straps, lifted from the barge and transshipped on a special 16-wheel trailer in dual lifting. The procedure required exact calculation, planning and execution. The valuable consignment was then transported into the Ironworks by road at night. (For some key moments of the procedure see the photos by János Michel.)

As HR Mill Plant Director, Attila Lontai has explained, installing the roughing stand of rolls is part of the long-term development of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt.


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Photo by Zsedrovits Enikő

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