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Source: Dunaferr magazin 20.05.2015

Logistics Day 2015


For five years now, as a rule, one Thursday in April has been devoted to logistics. In the framework of "Logistics Day 2015", programmes were organized at 24 sites (among them, at ISD Portolan Kft. port in Dunaújváros) on the 16th April this year. The programmes were attended by hundreds of people.

Logistics Day, an initative of the German Society of Logistics, was first organized in 2012. Hungary was one of the first countries to uphold the initiative: programmes were organized at 21 sites all through Hungary in the very first year. The record of the successful first year was broken in 2014, when Hungary ranked number three (behind Germany and Austria) in the list of countries offering the most programmes that year. High public interest has not ceased ever since - the list of those registering to visit the port in Dunaújváros was fully completed (and thus had to be closed) two weeks before the actual date of this year's Logistics Day.

The programmes were aimed, on the one hand, at helping people learn more about logistics and, on the other hand, at making people realize the importance of this sector in everyday life. Just imagine life without all those trucks and lorries (not to mention their drivers) that get on your nerves by driving at a "nerve-racking" low speed. How about life with shops with empty shelves - no food, no nothing? Or what about all construction work suspended for some time?

This year, too, the bulk of the audience was comprised of different target groups such as professionals, students and enthusiastic laymen "simply" interested in logistics. Special high schools "Rudas Secondary Vocational School for Economics" and "Trade and Commerce Vocational Secondary School" were represented by one class each, with 13th form students learning in the framework of the National Register of Vocational Qualifications (OKJ). In addition, Rudas was also represented by a group of 9th form students. Many students came from the Dunaújváros College and a group of high school students arrived from Budapest, from the Szinergia Vocational School of Business. Last but not least, business partners, colleagues in logistics and the media were also present when the programme was started in the port.

Hosting the event, ISD PORTOLAN Kft. organized the programme in its capacity as a member of the Association of the Hungarian Danube Ports. A presentation was given, among others, by Capt. Béla Szalma, President of the association. Underlying the importance of shipment by water, Capt. Szalma said that in future more emphasis should be put on the practical issues in involving young professionals. Addressing his audience of high school students, who are soon to make a decision about their future careers, he drew their attention to the possibility of carrying on special studies recently launched at the Budapest Business School. Several topics were raised by Gyula Szabó, Director of the port in Dunaújváros. In his presentation he talked in detail about ways of environment protection in forwarding that can best be ensured by shipment by water. Training in logistics in Dunaújváros was discussed in the presentation of Prof. dr. Noémi Piricz, Head of Department of Enterprise Sciences, Dunaújváros College.

The young visitors showed apparently great interest in the presentations as well as in the operation and sights of the port. Petra Gárdonyi, a student of the Trade and Commerce Vocational Secondary School told me she'd been struck by a data in the presentation of the port director more than anything else, namely: one barge can carry 1,000 tons of cargo whereas as many as 42 trucks are required to carry the same volume by road! If you calculate the emission and the related environmental impacts, no doubt, you'll come to a certainly most awakening conclusion ...

The presentations were followed by informal programmes: visitors could see a typical business day in the life of the port. Those brave enough were allowed to climb up the cranes, sit in the crane operator's cabin and operate the control joysticks there. The last group to conclude the programmes even took a "special shower" quite of the blue: the crane operators did their best to try and cool down the hot concrete pavement for the visitors with Danube water sprayed from the crane buckets by tilting the buckets.

Port of Dunaújváros, János Michel's infrared photo
Port of Dunaújváros, János Michel's infrared photo

We all look forward to Logistics Day 2016 on a Thursday next April, with new programmes and even more visitors. Brainstorming about possible new programmes is already under way, for which we can use numerous ideas proposed by our visitors this year.

Viktória Kovács-Doma


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