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Source: Dunaferr magazin 10.2014

ISD PORTOLAN LTD.: Contract concluded with a new partner


ISD Portolan Ltd., a major forwarding company in the region, is an important subsidiary of Dunaferr Company Group. Logistical services are provided by qualified staff at a high professional level supported by up-to-date IT background.

For ISD Portolan Ltd., providing complex logistical services is not merely mediating the carriage of goods but rather harmonizing a whole range of services incl. forwarding by road, rail, river and sea as well as warehousing and port services. The company has long been working in complete logistical systems and providing complex logistical services. Thanks to their long-established contacts, the company operates a complete warehouse-to-warehouse logistical chain in all modes of transportation.

- ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. has recently concluded a contract with Pannonia Ethanol plc. Can you tell us a few words about this cooperation? - Vaso Janicic, Managing Director of ISD Portolan Ltd., Logistics Director of ISD DUNAFERR plc. answers:

- Under a one-off contract 3,000 tons of maize were discharged in the port of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. for the plant of Pannonia Ethanol plc. in Dunaföldvár. Then, as both parties were content with the execution, a long-term contract for dischargement in the port was also signed. Pannonia Ethanol plc. is a 100% subsidiary of Ethanol Europe, a company realizing projects in renewable energy in Central Europe. One of the .cleanest. bioethanols in the EU is produced by Pannonia Ethanol plc.

- Which other companies has ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. similar contracts with?

- In addition to the subsidiaries of ISD Dunaferr Company Group, some of the key players in producing and selling/buying fertilizer in Hungary are also our partners and, provided we still have spare capacity after loading/discharging our own products, we can load and discharge agricultural products too. This year, for example, in addition to our normal loading schedule, we can take several orders from third parties too.Key partners of ISD Portolan Ltd. include, among others: Rail Cargo Hungária Zrt., Keramet, KG Fersped Gmbh & Co. Hamburg as well as several shipping companies, e.g. NAVROM S.A, Galati, M.Preymesser GmbH & Co, Regensburg, Euro Bevrachting Germany AG, Regensburg.

- Can you tell us something about the business result of ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. and, in particular, of the port in Dunaújváros in the first six months of this year?

- ISD Portolan Ltd. has made a profit in the first six months of 2014 too. Our everyday operation is characterized by efficient operation and strict cost management. Loading in the port is organized in a .working time frame. system, which helps us adapt our activity to the different orders and comply with our clients. expectations in an optimal way.

- What was the turnover?

- Turnover in the first six months of 2014: 1,722 thousand tons by rail, 642 thousand tons by road, 131 thousand tons by water. Turnover in the port in the same period: 472 thousand tons. In total, thus, our turnover was 2,967 million tons. As far as the sales revenues of the port from third party clients is concerned, its proportion was over 22%.

- Can you tell us something about the possible developments in the port that you were talking about in your latest interview?

- In our approved Plan of investments, a tender about the Feasibility study of the development of the port is scheduled to be announced in quarter 3 this year. Then, upon approval by the Corporate Manager, the winner can start preparing the Feasibility study. We are fairly optimistic that this schedule can be kept.

György Szirmai


ISD PORTOLAN Kft.   Address: H-1139 Budapest, Frangepán utca 7.
Phone: +36 1 465 6150, Fax: +36 1 465 6199   Correspondence: H-1558 Budapest 139, Pf.:164.