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Source: Dunaferr magazin 26.06.2014

Recognition of DUNAFERR Creative Foundation

EXCELLENT professionals of DUNAFERR were awarded

Gyula Szabó has been awarded the title 'Dunaferr Senior Advisor' by the board of DUNAFERR Creative Foundation this year. The award is a recognition to those experts who, with their creative technical and scientific activities, have contributed to the success of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt, its subsidiaries or third-party enterprises co-operating with ISD DUNAFERR Zrt. Gyula Szabó has been an employee of the Dunaújváros Steelworks since 1977. After graduating as a mechanic production engineer, he started his career as a blue collar and then held different positions in steel structure production at middle and top management levels. He was a member in DUNAFERR Board of General Directors for many years and he was in charge, among others, of coordination and (as Deputy CEO) of human resources. Since 2003 his professional activity has been focused on logistics and in 2007 he became Director of the port in Dunaújváros belonging to ISD PORTOLAN Kft. Mr Szabó has always been keen on enhancing his knowledge: in 1993 he got his degree as an engineer in industrial management and in 2001 he got an MBA degree. Gyula Szabó is a great asset effectively using his vast professional experience and numerous business contacts in the interest of the whole company group. The public port in Dunaújváros, the biggest river port of this category in Hungary, has been producing dynamic results under his control for many years now. Mr Szabó is one of the initiators and founding members of the Hungaran Federation of Danube Ports established in 2012. He is also a member delegated to the Infrastructure development workteam at the Fejér County Planning Coordination Body. In addition to his commitment to business, professional advancement and public life, the new senior advisor is an active player in tertiary education (training in logistics) and is involved in a number of logistical projects at government and international levels.

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