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cikk:Logistics Day 2017, DUNAÚJVÁROS Logistics Day 2017, DUNAÚJVÁROS Dunaferr Magazin, 17.05.2017
Hungary joined Logistics Day, an initiative by the German Logistics Association (BVL), in 2012. The series of programmes is primarily aimed at providing information about the basic concept and elements of logistics for those interested. On Logistics Day this year (27 April) several programmes were held all over Hungary.
cikk:In the same boat: a proven and reliable team In the same boat: a proven and reliable team Dunaújvárosi hírlap, 17.02.2017
The title "Enterprise of the Year" has been awarded by the Commerce Department of the Dunaújváros Chamber of Commerce and Industry to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. this year.
cikk:Enterprise of the year in Dunaújváros, 2016 Enterprise of the year in Dunaújváros, 2016 Duol - DH Online, 13.02.2017
Dunaújváros: The award "Enterprise of the Year" was handed over at the Entrepreneurs' Ball organized for the representatives of leading local businesses by the Dunaújváros Chamber of Commerce and Trade.
cikk:Elements Of Roughing Stand Of Rolls Delivered Elements Of Roughing Stand Of Rolls Delivered Dunaferr Magazin, 17.08.2016
A most spectacular lifting job was performed in ISD PORTOLAN Kft. public port in Dunaújváros on July 26, 2016: two pieces of the roughing stand of rolls (to be installed in the Hot Roll Mill) shipped on the Danube were lifted and transshipped by cranes from a barge on a special road transport vehicle and then transported on the plant territory of DUNAFERR.
cikk:To sail is necessary, to live is not! To sail is necessary, to live is not! Duol - DH Online, 20.10.2015
The water level of the Danube has been low for quite some time now, which affects the fauna of the river, the environment near the river and also shipment by river including the logistics of the Ironworks. Capt. Vaso Janicic, Logistics Director of ISD DUNAFERR Zrt., gave us an interview while sailing on the Danube.
cikk:Logistics Day 2015 Logistics Day 2015 Dunaferr Magazin, 20.05.2015
For five years now, as a rule, one Thursday in April is devoted to logistics. In the framework of "Logistics Day 2015", programmes were organized at 24 sites (among them, at ISD Portolan Kft. port in Dunaújváros) on the 16th April this year. The programmes were attended by hundreds of people.
cikk:ISD PORTOLAN LTD.: Contract concluded with a new partner ISD PORTOLAN LTD.: Contract concluded with a new partner Dunaferr Magazin, October 2014
ISD Portolan Ltd., a major forwarding company in the region, is an important subsidiary of Dunaferr Company Group. Logistical services are provided by qualified staff at a high professional level supported by up-to-date IT background.
cikk:Recognition of DUNAFERR Creative Foundation Recognition of DUNAFERR Creative Foundation Dunaferr Magazin, 26.06.2014
Gyula Szabó has been awarded the title 'Dunaferr Senior Advisor' by the board of DUNAFERR Creative Foundation this year.
cikk:The Port: Link to the outside world The Port: Link to the outside world Dunaferr Magazin, 16.12.2013
We, inhabitants of Dunaújváros, have long been used to the beautiful view: district Pentele in the town of Dunaújváros embraced by the curve and bay of the Danube. In the background you can see the majestic river flowing by since ancient times and in the foregorund, as a kind of contrast, tall portal cranes busy lifting and lowering cargo tell you about modern, busy times.
cikk:Capesize vessels with cargo for the Ironworks Capesize vessels with cargo for the Ironworks Dunaferr Hetilap, 16.11.2012
On October 13, 2012 a type of vessel that last berthed in Bakar, Croatia twenty years ago arrived at the port of Bakar.
cikk:Hungarian Danube ports join together Hungarian Danube ports join together News, 07.06.2011
As part of the inauguration ceremony of the application of new technology including state-of-the-art, high capacity machinery at Győr-Gönyű Kikötő Zrt, a Letter of intent to establish the Association of Hungarian Danube Ports was signed by the representatives of the companies operating ports in Hungary on 7 June 2011.
cikk:New award to ISD Portolan LTD. New award to ISD Portolan LTD. News, 06.06.2011
40th Golden Award for Commercial Prestige (Madrid, Spain 06.06.2011)
The Selection Committee has elected ISD Portolan Ltd, as a winner of this International Trophy for this year. Our other awards.
cikk:At the top of portal cranes At the top of portal cranes www.iho.hu, 25.04.2011
An Open Day was held in Dunaújváros port last Thursday. We were watching the different activities from the quay and also from high above, from the crane operator's cabin.
cikk:Mercedes presses lifted by cranes from vessel to trucks Mercedes presses lifted by cranes from vessel to trucks Dunaferr Hetilap, 28.03.2011
An international project has been completed in ISD DUNAFERR Port earlier this week. Presses for the Mercedes plant in Kecskemét were shipped on the Danube from Germany to ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. Port in Dunaújváros, where they were transshipped onto trucks by special cranework and then dispatched to their final destination.
cikk:Award to Portolan Award to Portolan Világgazdaság 07.10.2010
As a recognition of its trajectory and business excellence, ISD PORTOLAN Ltd. has recently been awarded the Award for Business Excellence by Trade Leaders Club magazine (Madrid), says Managing Director Captain Vaso Janicic.
cikk:Expert in logistics and forwarding Expert in logistics and forwarding Navigátor Magazin, October 2010
Only rarely are experts on forwarding at the same time Logistical Directors of their biggest customers. Captain Vaso Janicic from Montenegro is an example of such rare occasions.
cikk:Shipping through the Danube Shipping through the Danube European Business Journal, August 2009
The legendary Danube stretches some 2,850 km from Germanys Black Forest, passing through ten different countries and many of Eastern Europes great capitals before finally emptying into the Black Sea.
cikk:Coordinated logistics Coordinated logistics Supply Chain Monitor, October 2008
Internal railway and road transport between the production plants of the Company Group is provided by the Transport Plant.


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