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Briefly about DUNAFERR

Today DUNAFERR Company Group with consolidated sales revenues of over HUF 300 billion and its headquarters in Dunaújváros is a determinant enterprise in the Hungarian steel industry and one of the biggest production company groups in Hungary.

The production of the company group having a history of over half a century - according to present demands - is 1393 kilotons of hot metal, 1728 kilotons of LD steel and 1527 kilotons of hot rolled finished products on a yearly basis. According to its vertical production structure, it produces the whole range of processed products (cold rolled sheets, coated sheets, cold bent steel sections, steel structures, custom-built equipment, etc.) on the basis of hot rolled sheet products. Metallurgy, steel processing and steel trade - as the main activities - are integrated by additional branches of business (energy supply, maintenance, logistics, manufacturing of machines and parts, etc.).

website: www.dunaferr.hu

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